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Nov 4, 2019

How has pain been showing up in your life? Have you been experiencing it in your body? In your mind as worry and doubt? In your finances while thinking that you don't have enough?

Pain can appear to be a nasty little nag.  The more we avoid it, fight or resist it, the more intense it gets and the more it hurts.

What if pain was actually your friend? What if pain shows up to show you more of who you really are? What if pain brings you the gift of awareness, power and capacity? How much more could you receive then?

In this super powerful episode Veronica shares with you a Master Class she facilitated online. Tune in to discover:

*What is pain?

**How did two participants change pain right the way in this class?

*What if you didn't have to fight, avoid or resist pain anymore?

*What if it was super easy to move beyond pain once you acknowledge it?

*What else is available for you to receive that you haven't acknowledged yet?

*What potencies and capacities beyond this reality do you have that you have been hiding?

*What else is possible for YOU, my friend, that you didn't think was possible?

Would you like to play more? Would you like to join Veronica for the next 21 days in her newest amazing creation: Receiving Beyond Money: 21 Days changing pain, judgements & limitations into potency, possibilities and profitability. We start Nov 5th via Zoom. 

Will you choose it?

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