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Live Your Happy NOW! Conversations to open up and live an authentic, happy and fulfilled life.

Jan 6, 2024

What if you didn't have to make resolutions this year?

What if instead you could tap into the energy of what you really really really would like to manifest and actualize this year?

What if all the problems, patterns, and programs of the past didn't have to be carried over into the now?

Tune into this magical episode...

Nov 13, 2023

What if it didn't have to be as hard to change your body as you think?

Join Veronica Parker as she interviews Dr. Glenna Rice~ Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, 3 Day Body Certified Facilitator and Creator of EMT (Energetic Manual Therapy).


*What questions can you ask...

Oct 31, 2023

What if you could treat yourself into knowing what you know and trusting you?

Hop on your broomstick and explore questions and possibilities to claim the power and trust in you!

Want more? Join Veronica in a Masterclass to discover what you are truly capable of being, choosing and receiving! 

Sep 29, 2023

What super powers & psychic abilities do you have that you might be hiding and you have never acknowledged?

Tune into this enchanting episode where Veronica shares:

*What are entities?
*What is Talk to the Entities?
*What could be keeping you from unleashing your inner magic and powers?
*What capacities do you have...

May 30, 2023

How often do you create walls and barriers to protect yourself from getting hurt?

How often do you create separation from others in order to not be rejected?

Tune in to this engaging episode where Veronica bares it all and shares with you different possibilities with relationships.

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