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Oct 2, 2019

Have you ever noticed how much energy you are using to resist judgements? What if you didn't have to play this way anymore? What if you didn't have to buy other people's judgements as your own?What if there was another choice? Tune in to this powerful episode where Veronica delivers:

*What does it mean to be an infinite being?

*Is it safe to lower your barriers?

*Is it possible to receive judgments without locking them in your body?

*How do you do this exactly?

*What is a great tool to utilize to let go of the negative energy of judgements?

*What else is possible for you that you haven't considered?

Would you like to keep on playing? You are invited to join us for the next 9 days of Judgement FREE Playground...You are not as f*cked up as you think you are! 10 days of clearing judgement and co-creating possibilities!