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Live Your Happy NOW! Conversations to open up and live an authentic, happy and fulfilled life.

Jun 4, 2019

Have you ever thought or said to yourself: I'll be happy when I loose 10 more pounds.  I'll be happy when I get $10,000 in my bank account. I'll be happy when I get my dream car.  I'll be happy fill in the blank.

What if you didn't have to wait until everything was absolutely perfect in your life in order to be happy? What if you could actually choose to be happy right now, no matter what was going on in your life?

Tune into this super charged episode where Veronica shares:

*How can you define what happiness means to you?

*What would it take for you to choose your happiness for you instead of making it relevant to everybody else in your life?

*What are the 3 biggest blocks keeping you from being happy?

*Clearing statements and processes to assist you in releasing stuck point of views and limitations about not choosing happiness.

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