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Live Your Happy NOW! Conversations to open up and live an authentic, happy and fulfilled life.

Oct 24, 2019

How many times have you stopped yourself from creating what you desired because you didn’t know how to do it? What if you were no longer required to know how in order to choose or create so much more in the business of your life?

Join Heather and Veronica in this super charged episode where they contribute:

*What is the difference between ease and easy?

*How can you create what you desire in your life with ease?

*What if you could let go of your story along with the trauma and drama?

*What is Heather’s definition of phenomenal & “phenomenance”?

*What powerful questions can you ask to increase awareness and create so much more?

*Is happiness truly a choice?

*What is the role of receiving?

*What would it take for you to have the courage to be you?

*What would it take for us to trade in the fantasies for the “phenomenance” which is who you be?

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