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Mar 11, 2019

Ever wonder how you can get more visibility and publicity without hiring a publicist? In this episode, Selena Soo shares how she transitioned from being an introvert into a well known expert in media strategy and publicity.

Check out this episode to discover:

*What are the biggest myths in publicity?

*How can you let go of your insecurities and start taking imperfect action in the direction of your dreams?

*How can you stop judging yourself and start focusing on what is working?

*What would it take for you to be featured in your favorite magazines by sharing your special message and making a greater difference in the world?

Grab Selena’s Free training video on How to Become the Ultimate Expert 

Where Selena shows you how to:

  • Use the Publicity Pyramid to get your ideas to millions of people.
  • How to start confidently getting media opportunities.
  • Her 3-step process to pick your “go-to” expert topics.

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